The history of the Antolini family, which has successfully run their namesake transportation and shipping company since 1959, is the stuff of Hollywood: starting out with a small C50 Fiat, the Company expanded to two, then three vehicles and finally grew to hold a company fleet of 80 vehicles. The present-day headquarters of the Company, in the municipality of S. Pietro in Cariano, have also grown over the years. In the past two years, the Company has constructed new offices (opened in September 2003) that have made the administrative and managerial duties much more efficient.
For three generations, the consistent development of the Company owes to the professionalism and commitment that all the members of the Company have demonstrated, guaranteeing customers an efficient and dependable service.

The experience accrued in the 40 years of business ensures the utmost reliability and promptness in the deliveries and increasingly better levels of quality in the services provided.

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